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Zoom First Harvest Organic Matcha Powder - Ceremonial - Thea Matcha
Zoom First Harvest Green Tea Powder Matcha Thea NZ Organic
Zoom First Harvest Organic Matcha Powder - Ceremonial - Thea Matcha
Zoom First Harvest Organic Matcha Powder - Ceremonial - Thea Matcha

First Harvest Organic Matcha Powder - Ceremonial

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Our First Harvest is the highest grade organic matcha powder from our partner farm in Uji, Kyoto. This tea is the ultimate for matcha purists who enjoy it with water. This delicate matcha will truly define your tastebuds as a matcha connoisseur

It has a complex but beautiful taste profile. Starts off with mellow but rich earthy hints, touch of bitterness, followed by sweet nutty notes and rounded off with a umami (savoury) profile. This leaves you with a pleasant aftertaste that makes you want more. Perfect with just water - hot or cold.

No added sugar or fillers, just pure organic green tea powder


Matcha powder is sensitive to light and air, once exposed it will start degrading slowly. Please keep out of the light and in an airtight container to prevent oxidisation which causes Matcha to lose its vibrancy and flavour. You may also chill in the fridge to increase longevity. 



Please note: Contains Caffeine. If you are pregnant or on prescription medication, seek professional advice first if you have concerns. 


Matcha Nutritional Information per 100g
Item Value
Energy 324kcal
Water 5.0g
Protein 30.6g
Fat 5.3g
Ash 7.4g
Sodium 6mg
Sodium Chloride 0g
Caffeine 3.2g
Tannin 10g
Carbohydrate 38.5g

First Harvest Organic Matcha Powder - Ceremonial



What does Matcha taste like?

It is rich, balanced yet sharp. Our matcha is unique to our organic farm, it smells sweet with earthy undertones, a fruity aroma and tang. Poor quality Matcha will taste bitter and be close to yellow tones as opposed to green tones.

What can I use Matcha for?

Almost anything you like - get creative! Most popular recipes include tea, lattes, chocolate, smoothies, pasta and list goes on.


Can I have too much Matcha?

While 1/2 tspn - 1 tspn is all you need to get the benefits of Matcha, there is only so much your body can absorb. One to two servings of Matcha per day is reasonable. But remember, keep everything in moderation.

What's the best way to store Thea Matcha?

Keep in a cool, dry spot, sealed in an airtight container that you can recycle or reuse. Our tins are available in 30g, 50g (limited time) and 100g. To increase the shelf life, storing in fridge is the best option. Keep away from storing in glass as it will expose matcha to sunlight.

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