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What is matcha?

your new morning ritual

a coffee alternative

L-Theanine combined with Caffeine keeps you focused and energised without the side effects you get from coffee.

Make a matcha latte, add it to your smoothies or baking.

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Origin matters

We source from Japanese Farms

Kyoto, Japan is renown for their rich land with historical and cultural significance. Matcha grown here has been celebrated for centuries.

Shade grown leaves

Unlike regular teas, the leaves are grown under the shade, avoiding direct sunlight. This will help with cultivating l'theanine and the unique umami taste with less bitterness.

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Organic Japanese Matcha

The carefully harvested tea leaves will be steamed and dried. Our organic matcha is mainly first flush. It's unique floral undertones, rich umami and only slight bitterness, make it a matcha you have to try.

matcha | maccha | 抹茶 | まっちゃ|

The leaves are then ground to create the beautiful fine powder that we know and love.

we use the best leaves

Thea matcha is a Spring harvest that uses the young leaves found at the top often called first flush or ceremonial, the second flush is found just below.

We choose matcha that tastes the way matcha should, while keeping it affordable. It's vibrant green colour, rich umami flavour and nutrients make this a super green tea you cannot miss out on!

The matcha green tea plant, Camellia Sinesis, is a source of nutrients.
*Standard table of Food Composition in Japan per 100g Fifth revision Ministry of Education. Unit grams.

Can I drink Matcha during Pregnancy?

First off, congratulations on becoming a soon-to-be mum! This is popular question that gets asked – Can I drink matcha during pregnancy? According to NZ Nutrition Foundation, it is advised...

Where does matcha come from?

Matcha 抹茶 is a finely grounded powder made from green tea leaves. Camellia sinesis, also known as Green Tea is thought to have first originated in China around 2700 BCE and used...

Organic matcha vs Conventional

There’s a lot of debate thrown around with “Why you shouldn’t buy organic” or “Organic vs Conventional”. When we started Thea, we tried over 50 different samples of matcha from...

Are Matcha and Green Tea the Same?

Theoretically, yes. They both come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis aka Green Tea. The key difference between the two is how they are grown, harvested, processed and consumed.  ...

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