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We are closed 9th May - 20th May

Hi everyone, We are away on a trip to the motherland in Japan visiting our tea farms during 9th - 20th May. We were meant to visit in 2020, but...

Matcha Scones

Something you might not have thought of! Matcha green tea scones give another depth of flavour to these carbs and are great with cream and jam or butter.

Matcha Sponge Castella Cake

Similar to a swiss roll, the castella cake is a light, fluffy sponge that isn't too sweet and perfect to have with toppings and make look aesthetic. Choose this cake to...

Matcha Bliss Balls

A crowd favourite. Healthy, indulgent and it tastes so much better than it would seem. These are great as snacks and to bring as your plate. Minimal effort required but...

Ebook - Quick and Easy Recipes!

We have a free mini downloadable ebook with an introduction to matcha and why you should drink it. We have three recipes that are really easy to try and taste...

Niki's Fluffy Matcha Swirl Bread

The amazing Niki from _sweetfoodielife has always made such beautiful matcha creations and we are lucky enough for her to share her recipe with us!

Matcha Pearls/ Boba Homemade!

Homemade Pearls/ Boba/ Bubble tea to curb the cravings because it's a necessity. And.. Who isn't making these in isolation? Here's our recipe for week 2 here in New Zealand. It's...

Chewy Salted Matcha Cookies

  These are a matcha rye white choc salted cookie. Using  Basically‘s recipe as a base but substituting buckwheat with rye. Would definitely recommend with some milk. 

Matcha 'Crack' Pie

This 'crack' pie is as dangerous as it sounds. A buttermilk custard laced with a greedy amount of Matcha that anyone who likes Matcha would crave on a regular basis....

Matcha Shortbread

Tasty, crumbly shortbreads with a beautiful light floral Matcha flavour. Delicious with a tea and the perfect accompaniment. Add to your desserts for extra texture!

Homemade Matcha Ramen Noodles!

Quick, simple and delicious fresh Matcha Ramen noodles are easier to make than you think! This recipe guides you to making your perfect ramen!  

Refreshing Iced Matcha Tea

When we've done demonstrations and samples of our matcha, we get a few surprised reactions when people find out you can drink it cold! Perfect for summer, try this really...

Matcha Custard Bao

This fail proof bao recipe is what you need! Filled with a Chinese style custard known as Nai Wong, this is a great activity to do with friends and family....

Creamy & Delicious Matcha Ice Cream

I've always thought it was hard or time consuming to make your own ice cream, but during this ridiculously hot summer, so May and I decided to experiment with different ice...