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Your new morning ritual

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"From reading their story and trying their product, you can certainly feel the love, care, and passion that goes into crafting their range of matcha."

"FQ's gifting guide December"

"Believe the hype!"

"Good Finds for Wellbeing"

"We've been enjoying Thea matcha, started by a couple of Kiwi foodie cousins"

"Delicious in hot or cold drinks, baking and desserts"

"The Collagen x Matcha powder, which has a vanilla and coconut flavour and is absolutely divine when mixed with foamy coconut milk for a coffee – alternative, morning treat."

"The addition of Thea Matcha Powder to my morning smoothie gives me both the energy to smash a great early morning workout, as well as a solid brain boost to keep me sharp at my desk throughout my workday"

"Thea is a New Zealand brand that will be sure to step up your matcha game."

"Is next level smooth, delicate with a mouth filling umami flavour."

"Matcha latte tastes just like a bought one [...] takes the guesswork out of brewing the perfect cup at home"

stay alert, focused & relax

Matcha, your super Green Tea

Tea has been celebrated for thousands of years and we continue this journey with our favourite, finely ground green tea powder - matcha. It's a super green tea!

There's caffeine, L'theanine ( helps you relax) and antioxidants all packed in one drink. We work closely with our partner farm in Uji, Kyoto to bring you delicious organic matcha.

Ready set go

The Caker Matcha Cherry Cake Kit

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organic Japanese matcha

our premium first and second harvest blend of powdered green tea is direct from Kyoto, Japan.

with care

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stay alert and relaxed

naturally occurring caffeine paired with L'theanine & antioxidants are your new best friends to reduce the jitters.


Hōjicha roasted green tea

Notes of sweet roasted rice, mellow in taste. A great low caffeinated option.

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Giving back

Trees that count

Every order supports Trees That Count initiative.

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empowering green tea

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more thea

Matcha Collagen Latte

Thea's Collagen Matcha Lattes are delicious! The coconut milk powder and matcha is a combination you won't realise you needed in your life.

Weekend Matcha Mojito

Try our favourite Matcha cocktail 🍸! Have you thought about using matcha with your favourite weekend drink? It tastes like going on a tropical holiday with a splash of antioxidants....