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Matcha Drinks

Matcha Collagen Latte

Thea's Collagen Matcha Lattes are delicious! The coconut milk powder and matcha is a combination you won't realise you needed in your life.

Weekend Matcha Mojito

Try our favourite Matcha cocktail 🍸! Have you thought about using matcha with your favourite weekend drink? It tastes like going on a tropical holiday with a splash of antioxidants....

A Guide to Milks That Pair With Matcha

You might be new to matcha, or a seasoned matcha enthusiast. There are loads of aesthetically pleasing drink videos all over TikTok and Instagram, but what milk pairs well with...

Creamy Collagen Matcha Latte

Seriously delicious Matcha latte with sustainably sourced collagen, organic coconut milk powder, enriched with whole milk and topped with whipped cream because why not?! Try this today - you will...

Morning Matcha Tonic Drink

Since having given up occasional coffee for the past 6 months, I've made it a habit to switch up how I have my morning matcha. Usually it's with a latte,...

Matcha Oat Mylk Latte

Get energised for your day from this perfect dairy free vegan matcha (green tea)  iced latte. Caution: seriously addictive and may become a daily routine :P

Matcha Latte

Perfect for every morning and especially those lazy Sunday mornings as it's so quick and easy! Try your latte with any milk - our favourite is Soy!

Zesty Matcha Iced Tea

So easy to make look so damn good. Citrus, mint and Matcha are a match made in heaven. We like to make it even better with pomegranate seeds, what about...