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Our Story

Why we do it

Matcha, your super green tea

Co-founders, cousins and first-generation Kiwis, May and Enna (right), were frustrated by the lack of good matcha in New Zealand so they created Thea. For over five years they have been curating their matcha and expanding the products available.

Sourced direct from Japan with the help of family, they believe in providing tea that tastes the way it should.

"If you’ve tasted matcha before, you may be thinking’ the benefits sound great, but it tasted bitter and grassy,’ The truth is, you’ve probably tried a culinary grade matcha, which is intended for cooking, Now if you try a premium quality, you’ll be able to taste the difference - smooth and delicate, with a delightful umami or savoury, full-mouth rounded flavour. The way matcha should be.” - Enna

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Matcha, the Thea way

Being obsessed with the unique and delicious flavour of matcha they tasted and tested over 50 variants before settling on their signature flavour.

Like wine or coffee, Matcha has differing notes and depths of flavour. Where it is harvested and how it is made are important.

"Tea is part of our rich history and culture. We are thankful to continue and explore our interpretation of it" - May

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Saving Native New Zealand Trees

We understand the importance of looking after our Earth. Thea has chosen to donate to Trees that Count to help with our carbon footprint and make Aotearoa a better place.

Supporting Our Local

We love sharing and working with cafes and retailers here in New Zealand. Find out exclusive details about these talented people! We try our best to keep up to date about them.

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quick thea facts

why the name thea?

Green tea is part of the Theaceae family, has the 'happy' amino acid l'theanine and is tea with an 'h'. Thea also happens to mean goddess/ is a kick-ass Titaness. It was simple, relevant and captured the essence of what we wanted this venture to be.

where is your matcha from?

Our matcha is from Kyoto, Japan. Family in Japan helped us source from an organic farm that is JAS approved.

where is thea hq

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand.