About us

We are Thea - two Kiwi cousins Enna & May - on a mission to shed Matcha in a new light and incorporate it into your modern world. We want the world to have a modern perspective and attitude towards Matcha.
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We're different. 

We have been Matcha advocates for many years and found a gap in how Matcha was being communicated to people, especially in New Zealand. So we're here to change that and get people on board with Thea Matcha.
We've talked to lots of different people from all walks of life and discovered that most are put off by Matcha because they think it's bitter and hard to drink! In fact, that's not true! They've tried low quality matcha (probably not organic) that is meant for cooking/baking rather than as tea.
We aren't your average Matcha store. We have researched, tested and spent many long hours to find the best Matcha that doesn't break the bank but not skimp on quality.
Our Matcha isn't from China, Korea or Africa- It's sourced from Japan where the highest quality Matcha is grown. We have a direct connection to the farm, and no middle man is involved - which means freshly ground Organic Matcha directly from the source.
Thea is versatile, premium quality, cost-friendly, tastes great and comes all in a cute container, designed from scratch, by us. Oh, and it's also organic- JAS, EU and USDA Organically Certified!  

Why the name Thea?

We chose the name Thea because of the serotonin/happy-inducing amino acid prominent in green tea, known as L-Theanine. Green tea is also part of the Theaceae family and Thea also happens to mean goddess and is also a kick-ass Titaness. It was simple, relevant and captured the essence of what we wanted this venture to be.
Please support us as a wholly owned and operated Kiwi business and to bring Matcha into our community!
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If you'd like to know more about Matcha, see our Benefits section and future blog posts for more details on us, more detailed benefits and recipes!


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