How to Make the Perfect Matcha Tea

Step 1

It all begins with the essentials
You'll need:
- Mug
- Thea Matcha
- Spoon or measuring spoon
- Whisk or Frother (recommended)
- 3/4 part Hot water
- 1/4 part Cold water


Step 1 All the essentials


Step 2

Customise your quantity
We recommend you use 1/2 teaspoon of Matcha powder but you can change out the quantity if you want a stronger or lighter taste.


Step 2 1gm of matcha


Step 3

The key to not getting clumpy Matcha
This step is very important if you want to avoid drinking clumpy Matcha powder!
​Now pour 1/4 part cold water, just enough to mix it around.
​By mixing it in with cold water, you protect it from being cooked by the hot water. Use your frother/whisk to whisk until frothy.


Step 3 whisk Matcha


Step 4

Now Pour
Pour the rest of your hot water, your Matcha should be nice and frothy


Step 4 Pour Water to Matcha


Step 5

Drink! This is the best bit
Easy! Now you can drink and feel all the amazing benefits this superfood has to offer. 


Step 5 Drink