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Meet Ana from Blackdrop

Meet Ana from Blackdrop Cafe!
We were so lucky to meet Ana and her hole-in-the-wall cafe called Blackdrop Cafe! It is nestled into Nugent street at the intersection by Khyber Pass and Grafton. I first visited Ana on a Saturday morning where she greeted me with her sister with a warm smile! She's been a customer of Thea already and wanted to also share matcha with her customers. We never get tired of finding out who our lovely customers are and especially those that want to share with the matcha movement!
1. Introduce yourself! Describe a bit about your past 
 I am currently working for an airline as a flight attendant and during this pandemic, its kinda good time for me to looking for something that i love to do and luckily i found this spot which is perfect for me to start my own business and here we come ! It’s happened. 
2. What made you choose a cafe? And what does blackdrop mean? Or how did you come up with name?
It’s always my dream to own a cafe since i came to nz and get to tried a coffee here.  The meaning behind BLACKDROP its the way coffee shot dripping down.
3. Why matcha? Why Thea? 💚
I got introduced to the Matcha awhile ago and i fall in love with it. So i started to looking for a good one and serious did a research for the benefits and how to selected a good quality of matcha. I used to order matcha from japan and overseas but its very expensive and take long time to arrived. However, i accidentally found Thea on my instagram feed and i was  a little a bit scare to try at first because there so many matcha on the market and majority of them were disappointed me, after i tried Thea i really impressed how good it was, very creamy, the aroma was just what I’m looking for not too grassy, i also like the matcha collagen collection from Thea as well would highly recommended.
4. What’s your favourite matcha drink mix or matcha food?
My favourite is iced matcha Americano, basically matcha over ice.
5. What is an event or person that has inspired you and what happened for it/them to inspire you?
I would say EVERYONE who have the same passionate are inspiring me. They’re make me want to push my self harder and taking me to where i am right now. Those people have taught me a lot and given me the motivations to keep going and never stop trying. 
6. Anything else you would like to mention? ✨
I want to say thank you to everyone who supporting and given me the opportunity especially to  my sister. It would be tough during this journey with out her.