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Meet Morgan & Kim of Duck Island!

The best ice cream in New Zealand, or actually world wide? You won't have to look far because it's right here in this article :P





Introduce yourself! Let us know an unknown little fact or quirk about yourself :)

Gah having trouble thinking of a quirk about ourselves! Not a quirk but a fact – we owned a restaurant together for 8 years before opening Duck Island. When we started having kids we soon realised the restaurant lifestyle was not compatible with family life and we were looking for a new venture. We had always loved making ice cream for our desserts so did a quick research trip to America, where there are LOTS of ice cream parlours. Came home and decided to give it a crack. Four stores, five years and sixty five staff later and here we are!


How are you and the team doing this 2020 - was there a moment how the community has supported you that you would like to share?

2020 has been a crazy year for everyone huh?! When we went into Level 4 lockdown we were pretty concerned as we had so much stock in our Hamilton stores that was going to go to waste. We put a post up on a local facebook page, offering pints delivered to their door at a discounted price. Everyone got on board, clearing our freezers and stocking up their own! We were super grateful for the support of our community.


Why did you choose Thea and what made you want to create a Matcha Ice cream?

We made a banana matcha flavoured ice cream in the early days of duck Island, it was yum but we were never happy with the quality of the matcha. When we discovered Thea Matcha after buying for personal drinking use, we knew we had to make an ice cream with it, We love adding interesting twists to our ice cream and liked the strawbery/matcha colour pairing, so developed a pink milk crumb using freezedried strawberry powder. Luckily it tasted good too and has been a hit with the customers.


 What was the first thing you tried that had matcha and what were your thoughts then and now?


Founders Morgan (left) and Kim enjoying their matcha ice cream

We have all spent time in Japan and enjoyed the variety of Matcha ice cream available there, this is where we tried it first as a tea too. We are big fans of Matcha round here, always have been. Love it sweetened in ice cream, softserve or baking and without any sweetness in tea.




We loved getting to know the brains behind such a Kiwi classic brand and surely household name to most of us. You can find more details about Duck Island on their website

Their instagram is almost as appetising as the ice cream itself, make sure you check them out and support ya fellow Kiwis! We're so lucky to have such an amazing brand share some amazing Matcha ice cream with all the rest of us!