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Meet your local | Artist | Jane Cho

Meet Jane Cho, an artist that I met at a fate encounter in the line for a flash tattoo. was the tattoo artist I was hoping to get a flash tattoo with in January 2020, I was there with two other mates at the end of the line, until two more people showed up. One of them was Jane. We got to chatting and found out that Jane dabbled in hand poked tattoos and how we might hit her up one day for them. The next day I'm working at Laneway festival for my amazingly talented friend, Debbie, at her food stall 'Bun Hun'! As I literally finish telling Debbie about how I met Jane, lo and behold, she walks right toward me and gets introduced as my co-worker for the day.

I look at her and we both 😮 how in the world did we manage to end up working together?! We’re tasked with front of house, had a great time and even end up seeing acts together because we have similar (fabulous in fact) music taste. Favourites were Omar Apollo and Mahalia.

The rest is clearly history. We love to see the art she creates! She's also a fantastic barista and had worked at Daily Bread! We're not in Daily Bread yet ;) but are in another of Hishon's eateries - Orphan's Kitchen. Surely a matcha croissant isn't too far away.. :P

- May

jane cho artist



How did your love for art start?


  • I've enjoyed being creative from an early age. I have always found it cathartic and exciting. My love for art and illustration increased over the years as I've been able to experiment with even more mediums, styles and methods of creating.


What’s your go-to tool when you’re creating?


  • At the moment, I like using Procreate for digital illustrations. It’s very user-friendly and there are many cool features to experiment with. I also enjoy making tiny objects and models using Fimo clay. 


janes matcha art

How do you get in the mood for art?

  • I have to be inspired and in the right mindset but I guess inspiration hits randomly. Definitely helps having fun collaborative projects or commissions to work on! I’ve also learnt that surrounding myself with other creatives is incredibly motivating.Sometimes when I'm feeling uninspired, I look back on past experiences and encounters. I browse through photos and videos I've taken in my gallery that I could use to influence a new illustration


What is your favourite creation to date?


  • That’s a hard one… I don’t think I have a favourite! I'm terrible at deciding but I do really enjoy drawing food! So maybe one of my food illustrations. 


janes matcha art

Can you share any new art pieces you’re starting on?


  • I’m in the process of making a colouring-in illustration for Daily Bread! You will be able to see it in stores soon!


If you could visit one country now that the borders are open, where and why?


  • Spain! I would love to experience the food, the architecture, the landscapes and the music. It's been on the top of my list for a very long time. 


What do you like about matcha? 


  • It’s so versatile. I also like the taste of matcha, especially in baked goods.


Favourite thea item? 


  • My favourite is just the classic Organic Matcha Powder.  It’s slightly sweet, bitter and earthy. I like having it with oat milk, so yum! 
janes matcha art