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What is Thea ?

We are Thea - two kiwi girls on a mission to bring how we see Matcha to the modern world. We are shedding new light on Matcha. Yes, we know Matcha is somewhat readily available now, so how are we different? You may have been told you need different grades for different recipes, but reality is that you don't need a gazillion different products. 
Our mission is to create a community where Kiwi's know about Matcha, where you can find it in your local supermarkets and understand the amazing health benefits and take advantage of its versatility. 
So what is Matcha ? Very briefly, it's green tea but the entire green tea leaf has been grinded into a fine powder and traditionally drunk as tea - meaning you're drinking the entire leaf! 
We aren't your average Matcha store. We have researched and tested many long hours to find the best Matcha for you. Thea is versatile, premium quality, cost-friendly, tastes great and comes all in a cute container, designed from scratch, by us. Oh, and it's also organic!
You don't need different grades of tea but for the average and especially as a beginner to Matcha you just need the one for cooking or drinking. 
We have read through multiple scholarly articles and done a lot of testing on Matcha to find the perfect Thea Matcha.
We believe in the mix of quality and versatility and that Matcha is fun! It's not just an exclusive thing for the health conscientious or as an ingredient added to Asian cuisine but an amazing addition in general to food and beverage.
Matcha is a superfood. High in antioxidants and flavonoids, especially the EGCG catechin which is best known as a "chemo-protective properties" and makes up 40% of green tea*.  It has potential disease harboring properties or organ failure, notably liver or heart diseases, cancer and diabetes**. 
Our obsession started from green tea snacks and desserts but soon turned into a healthy coffee alternative as well as a great way to add in so many antioxidants and goodness into the food we eat. After spreading the word with our friends, we noticed 
We chose the name Thea because of the serotonin/happy-inducing amino acid prominent in green tea, known as L-Theanine. Green tea is also part of the Theaceae family and Thea also happens to mean goddess and is also a kick-ass Titaness. It was simple, relevant and captured the essence of what we wanted this venture to be.
We have been Matcha advocates for many years and found a gap in how Matcha was being communicated to people, especially in New Zealand. So we're here to change that and get people on board with Thea Matcha.
Please support us as a wholly owned and operated Kiwi business and to bring Matcha into our community.
the Thea girls x
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**Green Tea Polyphenols for the Protection of Internal Organs—Focus on Renal Damage Caused by Oxidative Stress. Authors: Mahendra P. Kapoor, Tsutomu Okubo,Theertham P. Rao, and Lekh R. Juneja  (May 2013) and Flavonoids in Food and Their Health Benefits Authors: L. H. YAO, Y. M. JIANG, J. SHI, F. A. TOMA´ S-BARBERA´ N, N. DATTA, R. SINGANUSONG & S. S. CHEN (Plant Foods for Human Nutrition 59: 113–122, 2004.C2004 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.)