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How to

Make your matcha

Haven't made matcha before? It's super easy and we like to treat it similar to how you would make a coffee. Have it iced, hot, latte, or even try it in baking.

Step 1

It's all 'bout that base

Scoop 1 tsp (roughly 1.5 - 2gs) of matcha into your cup. Optional to sift matcha first to remove clumping.

Step 2

Next, water.

Pour 50mls of water to your cup.

Step 3

Whisk, whisk, whisk

Use our handy electric whisk to blend and create an instant frothy matcha base.

Step 4

Make it hot

If you're having a hot matcha, it's time to fill it up with frothed milk. If you are a purist, add hot water (80 C), not boiling, and enjoy.

Step 5

Ice, ice, matcha

If you're having it iced, fill cup 3/4 with water then top with a generous helping of milk. Optional to add your choice of sweetner.