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Matcha Oat Mylk Latte

Get energised for your day from this perfect dairy free vegan matcha (green tea)  iced latte. Caution: seriously addictive and may become a daily routine :P 

What you need:


2 tsp Thea Matcha
100ml water
150ml oat milk
Maple Syrup

Cream (optional)

 Create your Matcha tea. Mix a small amount of water with your Matcha to create a combined 'thick tea' from either whisking or shaking in a bottle.

Once there are no more clumps, add the rest of your water. Add more for less matcha flavour or less for more - the power's in your hands!

Start with your ice, oat milk, swirl your desired amount of maple syrup (you can always add more later)and then your Matcha tea. Watch the awesome colours.

Top with cream if you want to - if not then your drink is vegan/ plant based!


Sip & Enjoy the sun!