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Eyre Studio - meet Grace

I've known Grace for a while, never quite crossing paths but through friends and the social sphere we managed to reconnect for this write up about Eyre Studio!

We respect the crafts and Grace's handmade leather pieces are such a delicate process makes you appreciate Eyre so much more.

We currently have a giveaway with Grace on her instagram ending on the 15th of December 2021

  1. What does Eyre Studio mean/ how did you come up with the name?   The idea of my products being handmade in my home studio inspired the name and Eyre Studio's logo (letter box).

  2. What does vegetable tanned leather mean? 
    There are many variations of leather and Eyre Studio's primary choice is 'Vegetable Tanned' which refers to the method of tanning leather. Vegetable tanning is the traditional process of tanning and involves the use of naturally occurring tannins found in vegetables and trees to tan a cowhide into leather.
    The main benefits of vegetable tanned leather include that it’s more eco-friendly, the process is natural and a key characteristic of veg tan is the beautiful patina created with daily use, "A soft sheen that develops through use and exposure on the surface of the material which provides a character, a personality, to the product".
  3. Who or what is your greatest influence for starting Eyre Studio?
    I have always had a desire to do something for myself, in highschool I joined the Young Enterprise Scheme for budding entrepreneurs and since then I've always had an itch to start a business. Arts and crafts is an area of interest of mine and after discovering the world of leather-craft I wanted to try it for myself, and now I love the process of creating and crafting leather goods by hand. The number of things you can make with leather are limitless which makes me want to continue growing and developing my skills as well as curating my brand to reflect my aesthetic, honest design and lasting products. A huge influence behind Eyre Studio's ethos is Dieter Rams, an industrial designer who is known for his 10 principles of design and has been influential in many of Apple's product designs. My favourite quote from Dieter Rams is "less, but better".

  4. What's a typical day in the life of Grace?
    Outside of Eyre Studio I work as a technology strategy consultant which keeps me very busy in the day, then my other cap is on at night where I spend most of my time working on Eyre Studio either crafting orders or developing concepts and new ideas into products. When I give myself time to rest I do enjoy playing a bit of FPS or chilling on netflix with a bag of chips.
  5. Why these particular styles of vege leather goods?
    The goods I make are inspired by a few brands I enjoy, to name a few; Acne Studios and Comme des Garçons have played a big inspiration to the simplicity and functional form of my goods. All Eyre Studio products embody my personal aesthetic, from the design to the colours and the purpose. 

  6. What's your favourite stitch?
    Since Eyre Studio's goods are all handmade, the traditional saddle stitch is the default favourite. Not only does it look great, it ensures the product is built to last - as if one thread breaks the stitch will hold nonetheless. Although it is very time consuming compared to sewing with a machine, it integrates Eyre Studio's element of 'handmade' and I believe it makes our goods special knowing that each step has been carefully considered and crafted.
  7. What makes Eyre Studio different?    

    Honest design, lasting products. 

  8. Anything else?   
    A sneak peek into what's coming for Eyre Studio, I am currently working on releasing the 'Everyday Crossbody bag'. Venturing slowly into larger goods is a new step in Eyre Studio's journey and I am very excited to add new products to our line that can be part of your capsule essentials. 
  9. What's your favourite Thea item?
    Definitely the Organic Matcha powder! I am a fan of all things matcha, specifically matcha ice cream and cheesecake.