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Coconut Flour Matcha Mug Cake (lower carb + dairy free)

Want to feel a little less guilty but enjoy a yummy Matcha Mug cake that actually works? Well this recipe is it! Tried and tested, follow these steps for a go-to Mug Cake when you're having one of those lazier days/nights :P

This was a complete fluke of a recipe but such an amazing mug cake that I had to recreate it to make sure it wasn't just by chance and luckily these ratios will not do you wrong! 


Prep and Cooking Time : 5-10 minutes

What you will need to make 1 Coconut Matcha Mug Cake



1tsp oil of choice to oil mug

2 Tbsp Plain Flour ( protein 10-14%)

2 Tbsp Coconut Flour

1 tsp ingredient Thea Matcha 

1tsp baking powder

1 egg - separated and whites beaten til frothy 

1 1/2 Tbsp caster sugar

A pinch more/less of rock salt

1/2 tsp vanilla paste/extract

3 Tbsp soy milk



1 mug 

Measuring Spoons

1 measuring bowl/ small bowl to whisk egg whites in

Fork and Spoon




In sum, oil your mug, mix your dry ingredients, add your wet less the egg white (slightly whisked) then fold in your whites and microwave medium high for 2 1/2 minutes (1000 watt) and leave in the microwave for at least 30 secs before taking it out and it will be perfect.


I have tried this at least 4 times and every time it's perfect!


Or if you like pictures then see below for the ultimate perfect Matcha Mug Cake !


Step 1 - Oil yah Mug

This is super important! It helps let the mug cake cook and rise evenly. Do not miss this step!

I just use extra virgin olive oil - about a teaspoon of it and used clean hands to spread it all over the mugs interior (interior cause we fancy)


Step 2 - Flour Season

I wanted to keep this lower carb and found a half half mix of 2 Tbsp Coconut flour and 2 Tbsp Plain flour  to be the perfect mix ( with a lighter protein content - the Pams brand is perfect for this if you're in NZ and maybe also Aussie?)



Add in your teaspoon of Ingredient Matcha, baking powder, pinch of salt and 1.5 Tbsp of caster sugar


Step 3 -  Let's get Eggy with It

You can make this vegan by replacing the egg here with flax seed/chia seeds although I haven't personally done so before - I remember trying once with a different recipe and it wasn't so great so have always stuck to keeping an egg in it.

Separate your egg. Drop the yolk into your dry mixture, add you vanilla extract and whisk up your egg whites until they're nice and gently frothy.

Mix until it's all combined through then add your three Tbsp of soy milk ( or milk of choice)


and combine again 

Then add in the egg whites and fold in gently so you can keep that airiness to prevent your cake from getting too dry ! 


Step 4 - Zap & Walk Away

1000 watt Microwave on Medium High for 2 1/2 minutes - leave in for 30 secs and out will pop out your perfectly cooked Matcha Mug Cake!



Thea Tips

This cake is slightly dry and therefore perfect with your ice cream of choice - I loooove coconut icecream with mine! You may wish to add maple syrup instead of sugar and/or both to make it more moist if you prefer it that way!

I prefer to use caster sugar as I feel it helps keep the texture of any of your baking less gritty/ keeps things more airy and therefore more versatile in my baking.

A good amount of salt never hurt nobody! It is absolutely beautifully matched with the Matcha smokey undertones and especially delicious when topped with icecream! So don't be shy. I add a good half teaspoon to my mug cakes :) (and I have more of a sweet tooth)

You could lower the cooking time if you like a dough-ier cake - would recommend around 2 1/4 and leave for 30 seconds again before taking it out.