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Homemade Matcha Ramen Noodles!

Quick, simple and delicious fresh Matcha Ramen noodles are easier to make than you think! This recipe guides you to making your perfect ramen!
What you will need to make noodles for 3-4 people 
240g white flour high grade/high grade
1 Tbsp premium Thea Matcha
3g salt
100g warm water - more or less depending on how your dough feels
1.5g sodium bicarbonate baked baking soda (irritable be careful with contact on skin)
Pasta machine - we used Stevens this time (or roll out to desired thickness and cut accordingly, do this in two lots so you can 
Mixing bowls
Measuring utensils
Make your Ramen!
1. Weigh out all your ingredients. Mix the flour and matcha in a separate bowl and the rest once weighed out can be mixed together.
2. Set up your pasta machine
3. Mix thoroughly, get your hands in there eventually. If you dough completely combined and becomes a smooth dough, knead for a few minutes.
If there's still some dry bits at the bottom add about a tsp and knead together, mine was a bit wet but I used plenty of flour in between rolls of the pasta machine.
4. Pasta Machine - Shape your ramen dough into a oblong/length of your pasta machine roller. I used the sequence 1 twice, 2, 4, 6, then 7. Roll through your spaghetti attachment and Matcha ramen awaits!!! 
5. Over a rolling boil, cook your ramen until al dente. Mine took only 1 1/2 minutes, quickly drain and drop them into a bowl of cold water and leave there until you are ready to serve!
Get your toppings, tare and soft boiled eggs ready beforehand, create your ramen then pour over your piping hot stock for an amazing ramen experience :) !


With thanks and inspiration from The French Guy Cooking's ramen series