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Matcha 'Crack' Pie

This 'crack' pie is as dangerous as it sounds. A buttermilk custard laced with a greedy amount of Matcha that anyone who likes Matcha would crave on a regular basis.
It's rough saltier crust compliments that sweet sweet custard that only touches bitterness but sings praises to Camelia S, better know as green tea.
Matcha Buttermilk Pie
What you will need to make a 9 inch Matcha pie 


Pastry Ingredients

315g flour (1.5c)

220g butter cubed (just under 1c)

1tsp salt

2tsp sugar

6-8 tablespoons of iced water

Dash of AC vinegar

Pastry Method

Rub quickly with fingertips to create breadcrumb like consistency. Don’t add too much water.

Created 2 portions of pie crust - not covering so can make two open pies

Freeze for at least 30 mins or best overnight before taking out 10 mins before shaping crust.


Filling Ingredients / Method

1/2c melted butter

1 1/2 white sugar

Whisk till smooth - 5 mins

3 eggs

Add one at a time

Add 1 tsp vanilla paste

3 Tbsp plain flour

2 tsp thea matcha

1 tsp salt

Add in 1cup evaporated milk & 1 Tbsp ACV


Putting it Together!

Roll out your slightly thawed pastry and make it about 3-5 cm wider than your pie dish to make sure it covers. 

Push down firmly along the sides of your pie dish - create your crimp.

Pour filling into 


Baked 10 mins at 200C 

Then 50-60 mins 180C fan bake


slice of matcha crack pie

Consider a blind bake if you want a crispier crust! I personally like a thick crust and from this recipe it still made a very crunchy pie crust, which tasted amazing!

I covered my pie with foil after the first 10 minutes, for about 45 minutes then took it off to brown etc. Be careful, I accidentally pulled away 1/4 of the top layer of my pie.. :(