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Matcha Pearls/ Boba Homemade!

Who isn't making these in isolation? Here's our recipe for week 2 here in New Zealand. 

It's so simple and satisfying. Takes a bit of time but is so relaxing. Did these while watching a show, highly recommend watching all of Lord of The Rings - extended version haha to keep you busy but giving yourself moments to work and still catch back on to what's going on haha.




to make about 3-4 medium pearl milk teas / 250-300g.

50g caster white sugar
70ml water
*pinch of salt optional - I love adding salt to anything sweet
Cook until all sugar is dissolved and boiling

Add in 10g tapioca starch and whisk quickly over low heat or none to completely incorporate
Off heat - add in
1 tsp Thea Matcha
90g tapioca starch

Mix until completely combined, knead for a few minutes. Should be sticky but not stick to your hands.

Roll out to about 0.5 cm thickness and cut into squares.

Use a dough cutter to cut into 1cm squares, and then roll those into pearl balls!

Cook on a rolling boil for about 20 minutes over a medium heat, turn off heat then let soak for 30 minutes.





 Layer at the bottom of your cup, ice then milk and Matcha tea with that marshmallow cloud float if you want to be extra like us :P !

 Tip: To make your marshmallow a bit more liquid, add a splash of boiling water to loosen it up

(Our recipe for the marshmallow will be up soon on our Matcha Cloud Latte recipe!)