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Party Meringues with Matcha Cream

This is the perfect quick and easy treat to make with kids or just as part of your party snacks! So easy to whip up and incorporate Matcha into, everyone can dig in and make their own flavour combos!

What you’ll need to make around three to five small servings:


  • 12 packet of assorted colours of Meringues (or feel free to make your own)
  • 500ml of whipping cream
  • 1-2tsp of Thea Matcha (add to taste)
  • Assorted seasonal fruit, nuts, coconut shredding, cocoa nibs chia seeds and to decorate


  • Whisk or beater + bowl to whisk cream
  • Small servings bowls
  • Knife & Chopping board 

Step 1:  Lay the foundation. Flatten the tops of your meringues into the serving bowls. Crush the tops and adding it back - we chose to keep the same colours together and decorate around this but feel free to mix it up!

Step 2: Whip up the cream into two separate bowls - we kept normal cream and created Matcha cream by adding 2 tsp since we like a stronger Matcha taste - and to combat the sweetness of the meringues

Step 3: Cut up your fruit into assorted shapes. We used strawberries, kiwifruit, pomegranate, dragon fruit and bananas. 

Step 4: Flavour combos included:

Green Meringues: Dragon fruit, strawberries, pumpkin seeds, mix of original and Matcha cream with an extra sprinkle of Matcha.

White Meringues: Kiwifruit, banana, cocoa nibs, chia seeds on a bed of Matcha cream.

Pink Meringues: Strawberries and coconut shredding on Matcha cream. (Our favourite!)



Thea Tips: 

Make sure you don't over whip your cream! It gets clumpy and separates. 

A more bitter Matcha cream complements the meringues so much better - it's a bit strong but once you taste it together you will love it!