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Colourful Matcha Chia Pudding | @singh.monisha

Monisha's creations are beautiful, healthy and overall simply delicious! Her multi-coloured chia puddings will wow the crowd and will probably be the best you've seen and tasted!


As per Monisha's instagram - instructions and pictures are as per below:



{Typical} chia pudding* (see below*) but I added matcha smoothie to give more flavours to my breakie.

1/2tsp Matcha



1/4 Avocado mix

With coconut milk and ..

Layer it as you can see in the pic or just pour in a bowl and add some nuts to it and enjoy




Makes 2 jars with this recipe

Blue is banana , half pear , 1/2tsp blue matcha and few drops of agave mixed with coconut milk
Pink is 1/4 cup dragon fruit mixed with banana, pear , dash of agave
Green is 1/tsp matcha powder, pear , banana , 1/4 avocado and few drops of agave .
Chiaseeds mixed with coconut milk overnight and layer as you can see in the pic.

Recipe is exactly same mentioned on my other recipes
Layer it according to your colour taste and decorate it with edible flowers or granola if you like and enjoy 😋




Monisha's Chia Pudding Recipe from her Instagram*

For this Recipe
3tbs chiaseeds
1/2 cup coconut milk / soy milk
Few drops of vanilla extract
Some handful nuts
1 tsp Matcha
2tsp raw agave
Fruits of your choice


Mix chia seeds in both the milk stirring constantly until mixed together. Add raw agave, vanilla extract , nuts and stirring it continuously till it becomes fluffy. If it gets clumpy add more milk as per your requirement. Leave it for about half an hour and then separate it in another bowl and mix matcha to give nice layers to chia pudding as you can see and garnish with fresh strawberries 😋 easy and simple recipe


Thea note: Take out the flavouring i.e. the Matcha to create a simple / original chia pudding


Change up as you please ! 

Please check out her amazingly beautiful instagram page @singh.monisha you will be in awe of the stunning photography and healthy food she has so clearly poured her heart into.




Disclaimer: We have edited only in order to help with making the recipe better to understand/follow. All content is Monisha Singhs of Mon's Flavours / instagram: singh.monisha. We are sharing in an attempt to promote Matcha recipes and do not intend to infringe copyright.